Steering Clear of Consumerism

To fully simplify your life, you’ll need to rid yourself of consumerist ideas…in the way of consuming materials at least. Just flush them down the toilet, because they are dookie anyway.  If you want to buy gas, hotel rooms, and experiences, then by all means, do that. If you struggle not to buy the latest... Continue Reading →

Ways to Pare Down

From where I stand, there are three approaches you can take to beginning your journey toward minimalism, a.k.a. to get rid of your shit. You can sell your stuff, give your stuff away, or just, you know, throw it in the trash/recycling. Selling your stuff:  I attempted to do this with at least some of... Continue Reading →

A Minimalist Makeup Bag

A TRUE minimalist might go without makeup and be stoked to embrace their natural beauty. I wear makeup about 50% of the time, and have compiled this list for anyone who still wants to wear makeup, but still be able to fit it into a travel-sized makeup bag. I include the specific natural products I... Continue Reading →

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